What Are the Side Effects of Using CBD and How Can You Avoid Them?

CBD is considered safe to use. However the scientific community continues to lack the evidence of the cannabinoid’s possible benefits and side effects, which tends to be the primary reason why CBD remains on the fringe of prescriptions from doctors and medical professionals.

So how can you make sure to limit any side effects when using CBD? Here, we have gathered a few tips.

A General Overview of Side Effects

According to the WHO, CBD is not toxic and does not affect heart rate, blood pressure or body temperature. Research also shows that it doesn’t affect gastrointestinal transit or psychomotor and psychological functions either.

To date, there have been minimal confirmed side effects from taking CBD. This has been outlined by GW Pharmaceuticals in the results of their initial clinical trials. Here, they established that “the safety profile of CBD was particularly reassuring, with no serious adverse events and an overall frequency of adverse events very similar to placebo. The most common adverse events (occuring in 5% or more of patients resulting from all causes) were diarrhea, nausea and headaches.”

Outside of these side effects, which you might note are regularly associated with other medication too, some adverse reactions can include feeling over-tired or overstimulated; these responses can be dealt with by changing the dosage of CBD.

When to Take Your CBD

When it comes to dosaging your CBD, a way to limit the side effects is to take your CBD at a certain point of the day.

A reported effect of taking CBD late in the evening is difficulty sleeping, while others report of sleepiness during the day if the CBD is taken in the morning. The type of CBD product used also has a say in this: People in our community often report of feeling drowsy when taking our Raw CBD/CBDa Hemp oil, while most feel energized by our Decarb version. However, the response to taking any CBD product can be very different from one person to the next.

The product, the ingestion method and the time of day that you consume your CBD can be the answer to easing adverse effects, as well as monitoring your own personal response, since everyone responds differently.

How to Take Your CBD

On the CBD market, there are a variety of different products: sprays, oils, pastes, suppositories, chewing gums, and balms that all cater to the needs of consumers. Selecting a product of highest quality will deliver maximum absorption of CBD supplementation.

Alongside the different forms come different oil strengths. CBD in anything from low to high doses of up to 1500mg/day are reported as being well-tolerated in humans. Meanwhile, the low concentration, easy-to-consume oils ensure that new consumers or hesitant buyers can safely test the products, adjusting the dosage until they find the optimal intake for their own bodies. Using the Up Titration Method of Dosing, consumers can assess their own reactions and respond quickly to any side effects.

Where Your CBD Comes from

The quality and source of the original hemp plant and CBD extract can also be key in limiting any adverse reactions. The key things to look out for are companies that extract CBD from organic hemp, while both GMP-certified and independently confirmed by a third-party laboratory.

The extraction process can also play a part in limiting the side effects of a product: clean methods of CO2 extraction and cold pressing don’t involve the addition of solvents, which cheap ethanol or isopropyl extraction do. Solvents can sometimes remain in the final product and compromise its quality. Like many health supplements or food products, the quality and source of your CBD oil can ensure the safety of the product and make a big difference when it comes to limiting possible side effects.

Source Your CBD from a Trusted Brand

CBD is not considered toxic and is ultimately safe, but customers’ own research, their understanding of the method of production and their personal consumption requirements are important considerations when aiming to limit the possibility of any adverse reactions.

Before you go to buy any product, make sure you check Trustpilot where customers provide free and independent feedback of products, including personal reactions and experiences. When reading this information, it’s important to be aware that everyone will have different reactions, because we all have different bodies and lifestyles. So your response to CBD might not be the same as your friends’, relatives’ or someone else’s reaction in the CBD community.

To encourage further understanding of our products and our customer’s own stories, we also set up the Endoca Community Group on Facebook. In this group, our customers discuss and share their own experiences with one-another, providing valuable insights and support.

There is a minor risk of side effects, which are typically associated with ingesting any plant, but the main risk comes from the impurities found in inferior CBD products, usually those sold cheaply. After researching and selecting a trusted CBD company and adapting consumption to best supplement your lifestyle, body type and ailments, you can feel more assured of a safe consumption of CBD.

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