Kratom May Help With Workouts

Kratom is becoming more and more popular to the masses. Many are starting to utilize kratom for day to day things like muscle crap relief, energy, falling asleep, and more. One thing that is increasing in popularity is people drinking a kratom shake or tea before their routine workout. If you do it right, it really can benefit your workout and bring it to the next level and we will explain how.

Does Kratom cause testosterone depletion? Would taking kratom before working out benefit your workout? How much do you have to take? Which strain is best?

First, lets set aside the worry many men might be having: Does Kratom cause testosterone depletion? No. First off, if you’re comfortable and see it as ok to take steroids during your workout, then you DEFINITELY do not have to worry about kratom. However, ultimately, there has been no tests done in this study, so there is no concrete evidence to confirm or not confirm this. Therefore, all the facts we can gather here are purely based on the majority vote and opinion from those who have taken kratom long enough to notice if it has affected their levels or not.

You will find many articles sharing their opinion that kratom is an opioid and like opioids will decrease your testosterone levels. Articles like this one by Aanabolicapex are ignorant of what kratom truly is. However, this is the study they based their opinion on.

  1. Testosterone is suppressed by nearly 50% in opioid-using men.
  2. This suppression is not specific to methadone but to all opioids in general, whether it be for illicit or therapeutic use.
  3. Testosterone was not found to be suppressed in studies examining opioid-using women.

“Mitragyna speciosa (kratom), is the only natural source of opioid alkaloids other than the poppy plant and Akuamma seeds. It’s worth noting that pure, single-molecule MG is actually less effective as a painkiller when compared to equal amounts of MG in a whole plant Kratom extract, which contains many biologically active components, including 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-OHMG). A potent analgesic, this compound has a high affinity for the mu-opioid receptor, but it is structurally different from other opioids. MGs don’t bind to opiate receptors like an ordinary opiate. What’s more, these promising medicinal compounds can confer novel, beneficial effects that differ from those of pharmaceutical opioids.” [source].

Kratom should not be ranked alongside the opioids (synthetic chemicals) being tested here regarding testosterone. The two could not be more different.

To learn more facts about kratom and the misinformation that gets spread throughout social media and medical facilities, Kratom Crazy recommends you read the book published and put together by Botanical Education Alliance, that share the facts. The book includes the professional opinions of senators and representatives showing their support; as well as physicians giving facts of their own alongside praising the plant as well. You can also download this free pamphlet about kratom, which was designed by Shaunna Kay and content provided by Botanical Education Alliance.

So, how do you use kratom to workout?

Both men and women can use kratom to benefit massively during their workout and see some fantastic results that will be mainly driven by the energy and stamina that kratom, in low doses, may provide you. Small doses of kratom give you energy and a mental jolt of motivation, both things one definitely needs during a workout. You need both the energy to get your going as well as the mental focus and desire for you to see your reps through without quitting.

White strains tend to be more energetic (the most), and even more so in smaller doses (1-3 grams, 3 at the most for the majority of consumers). Taking more than 3 grams before a workout might cause the wobbies, upset stomach, and/or sedation–which is the LAST thing you want before a workout.

Make sure to drink tons of water with your kratom dose!

Water definitely seems to activate the effects of kratom, many report. Staying hydrated before, during and definitely after a workout is important and even more important when taking kratom.

Always remember that there are going to be haters and lovers of this plant. Facts are important. Those that support kratom and know their facts are powerful and should be utilized when fighting the haters. If you want to try kratom for a workout, DO IT! Find out for yourself the benefits it holds.

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