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Maryland Effectively Bans All Forms of Marijuana Advertising

Last week, Maryland’s body of cannabis policymakers, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, unanimously decided to place multiple rigid regulations on advertisements for cannabis products and services. While the regulations are called “restrictions” in the official ruling, there are so many that the state has effectively banned all forms of advertising...


2018 Farm Bill Passes Through Congress, Will Now Go to Trump’s Desk

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted 87-13 to pass the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, better known as the Farm Bill. The massive legislation is the primary agriculture and food policy tool of the federal government, dealing with trade, rural development, farm subsidies, conservation, research, food and nutrition programs and...


Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Have Arrived In Iowa

Iowa is now home to five medical marijuana dispensaries. They were approved under a law passed last March, permitting the sale of specific cannabis-derived products to those suffering from qualifying conditions including untreatable pain, side effects of cancer, seizures, ALS, and others. CBD for the People According to the Omaha...


Green Malay Kratom Review to Guide Responsible Kratom Users

If you are just a newbie in taking a Green Malay Kratom, reading a legitimate Green Malay kratom review will help you make a stand. Green Malay Kratom Review: A Closer Look at Malaysian Kratom While there are different strains of kratom endemic to Southeast Asia, this particular kratom is...


Brooklyn Offers Expedited Expungement Sessions This Week

New York’s efforts to legalize cannabis are moving about as slowly as its deteriorating subway system that’s been in a state of emergency since 2017. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office is making strides with decriminalization, however, offering two free expedited community-based sessions this week to expunge previous convictions for low-level...


Elon Musk Confesses: ‘I Have No Idea How To Smoke Pot’

Elon Musk got himself into a bit of trouble after smoking marijuana during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast in September 2018. The move reportedly led to NASA launching an investigation into his company SpaceX’s “workplace safety” and “adherence to a drug-free environment.” But now, in a new interview 60...


The 24 Best CBD Products in America

2018 is wrapping up, and we can’t help but reflect on the changing and evolving attitudes and laws surrounding cannabis. We’re particularly in awe of the recent explosion of CBD products. For the first time ever, it’s possible to live everyday fully infused with CBD– something we recommend everyone do...


Effort to Legalize Cannabis in United Kingdom Struck Down in Parliament

Members of the UK Parliament shouted down a proposed bill to legalize, regulate and tax adult-use cannabis. Liberal Democratic Member of Parliament and former health minister Norman Lamb introduced the bill under the House of Commons’ Ten Minute Rule. The Ten Minute Rule allows MPs who don’t traditionally have the...

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