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NORML Delivers Marijuana Reclassification Petitions to FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested public input on the international classification of marijuana and other drugs in October 2018. Well, ask and you shall receive. More than 20,000 people submitted comments ahead of the Oct. 31, 2018 deadline. And about half of those were gathered and hand-delivered to...


FDA-Approved Cannabis-Based Drug is Officially Available by Prescription

The first FDA-approved, cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drug is now for sale in the U.S. After clearing all regulatory requirements, GW Pharmaceuticals’ CBD-based drug Epidiolex is now available in all 50 states. Although the U.S. government is now allowing this drug to be sold, the federal government still classifies actual cannabis as...


The Best Places to Buy Kratom Locally in Los Angeles

Buying kratom can become a real nightmare, especially now when everyone is panicking about a potential kratom ban. All too often, newcomers to the kratom community will click on the first kratom-related link they find and order from some disreputable operation that’s peddling bogus wares. That’s why we’ve made it...


Southern Illinois U. Planning to Offer Courses in Cannabis

CARBONDALE, Ill. (AP) — Southern Illinois University is creating new programs for students who want to know more about cannabis. The school announced in late October 2018 that it’s creating programs at the Carbondale campus to study medical marijuana and industrial hemp. Officials hope the programs will give students and...


Molson Coors and Hexo Corp. Join Forces to Sell Cannabis Beverages in Canada

Coor’s, the world’s seventh largest brewer, has decided it’s stepping into the cannabis game. Molson and Hexo Corp. announced Truss, a joint venture to develop cannabis-infused drinks for sale in Canada. The corporations hope to release the products next year to coincide with the country’s federal lift on its edibles ban....


Mammoth Munchies and Lit Yoga: A Stoner’s Delight in L.A.

Creative minds in Los Angeles have dreamed up immersive experiences that any cannabis fan will love. One is a blend of healthful activity, political action, commerce, and trippy highs, while the other is equally mind-bending as it artfully acknowledges our weak dieting willpower — and brings the munchies to life....


5 Ways Cannabis Enthusiasts Can Celebrate This Halloween

With the air getting crisper and the leaves changing color, fall is truly upon us. That also means that Halloween is right around the corner. Filled with costumes, thrills, and pumpkins left and right, All Hallows Eve is as good a time as any to spend time with your friends...

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